Drug Test Information for everyone

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Drug Test Information for everyone
The first thing that everybody should know is what the standard drug tests look for. Even if you use drugs for recreational purposes, you can avoid potentially embarrassing situations by acquiring the requisite drug test information. There are primarily five types of specimens on which tests are carried out namely urine, blood, saliva, sweat and hair. The most widely used method is to test urine samples because it is cheap and less intrusive on personal privacy than say blood testing. The actual extent of the testing will depend on the budget and the results sought.

Drug Test Kit

If you are faced with the prospect of a drug test whether at the workplace or elsewhere, you can use a drug test kit in the privacy of your house to check out what the drug test may disclose. This way, you can take the appropriate preventive measures to pass the test and avoid the consequences of testing positive. Carrying out these tests is a pretty straightforward process and the results are reliable and accurate. Moreover, the results would be available in a matter of minutes.

Drug Test Kits

There is a wide range of drug test kits available in the market and you have a number of options depending on your requirements. Some of the most effective and safest kits come from the SUPREME KLEAN range of products. For instance, SUPREME KLEAN 1-PANEL URINE DRUG TEST is a convenient and cost-effective for home testing and provides an all-in-one solution, Similarly, SUPREME KLEAN ORALEART SALIVA DRUG TEST is a test kit which you can use to test your own saliva in the privacy of your house. Both kits are extremely easy to use and results will be available in a matter of minutes.

Drug Test Information Cocaine

Drug test information cocaine: you should know that there are different types of tests for the detection of cocaine usage. In urine testing, it can be detected for between 48 hours and 72 hours after even a single usage and for longer periods if you are a frequent user. In hair testing, it can be detected for up to 90 days after use provided the specimen is at least 1.5 cm long. Over the past few years, new methods have been used for saliva testing but these have yet to be proved and saliva testing is rarely used to detect cocaine. Some substances such as coca tea and eye drops used in some eye surgery can produce false positive results.

Drug Test Information Toxicologist

A drug test information toxicologist performs toxicology tests (also known as clinical toxicology) to detect signs of drug abuse. These can be used in the workplace or in sporting activities to detect the presence of performance-enhancing drugs. The specimens used are typically urine, blood or hair. Toxicology tests can detect the presence of up to 30 different drugs in a single process.